csa contents: october 27th, 2015

Here’s what we have in this week’s bushel: Nappa Cabbage Broccoli (2) Turnips (3) Gibson Gold Apples (4) Fennel Acorn Squash Fuji Apples (4) Advertisements

farmer’s crockpot turkey chili

It was a challenge for me to capture my crock pot chili recipe – mostly because I rarely make it the same way twice.  Ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken?  I’ve used them all.  Beans?  Pinto, Hot Chili, Kidney, Chick Pea, and of course Black Beans. Yes, yes and yes in all different combinations.  And…

whole wheat apple crisp

Baking and desserts are two things that I want to get better at.  It’s the whole precise measurements thing that always intimidates me a bit.  I’m more of a “that feels about the right amount” or “I’m sure I can substitute this for this” when I cook… and you can’t really swing that in the…

spaghetti squash bolognese

I was so excited when I discovered we were getting spaghetti squash in our bushel last week.  This squash can be used to make many delicious recipes and is also a wonderful substitute for things like pasta (to Ryan’s disappointment).  The first time I cooked with spaghetti squash was during my short stint of being paleo….

csa contents: october 20th, 2015

here’s what we have in store this week: Corn (4 ears) Mutsu Apples (4) Carrots Green Bell Peppers (2) Sweet Potatoes (4) Cayenne Peppers (3) Spaghetti Squash Gala Apples (4) Chives Golden Beets

cauliflower soup

Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable.  I can usually be found roasting it with garlic and parmesan, pulsing it in the food processor to make cauliflower “rice” or mashing it up and mixing it with some butter and whole milk to create the ever so popular mashed faux-tatoes.  This past week, we received a beautiful head…

what to do with a 10 pound cabbage?

…My answer would be boil all of it, use half of it for Stuffed Cabbage and figure out what to do with the other half at another time… This past week, I conquered (barely) the extremely large head of cabbage that was in our CSA bushel.  Stuffed Cabbage is a familiar favorite as it’s a dish…

csa contents: october 13th, 2015

I realized I have some delicious recipes to post from last weeks bushel but didn’t post what produce we received. Better late than never! Red Onion Ancho Peppers (2) Jalapeños (5) Pears (2) Cauliflower Cabbage Yellow Onion Bell Pepper Hot Hungarian Pepper (2) Peaches (2) Broccoli Sugar Cube Melon Macintosh Apples (6) Celery

raiding the crisper: stuffed anaheim chiles

Another variety of vegetable that has been crowding my crisper drawers recently is the pepper.  From Ancho to jalapeño – one drawer was completely full!  I was thrilled that they were able to keep for quite some time but I had 3 Anaheim peppers (a kind that I have never used before) and was looking for…

rainbow chard with thomas keller

I recently purchased Thomas Keller’s “Ad Hoc” and was excited to see a recipe for rainbow chard with numerous other ingredients that I already had in my pantry.  There is something so fantastic about finding a new recipe and discovering a trip to the market or grocery store is not required in order to make it….