During the day, I’m an advertising agency employed, former city dweller (and current NYC commuter from the country).  In the evening, I turn into a bandana and apron wearing, wooden spoon clutching, self-taught home cook who is passionate about using with locally sourced ingredients.  When I come home from work, I trade my laptop and spreadsheets for a skillet and a set of knives and get to work on what is sure to be the most creative and rewarding part of my day… dinner.

I’m not a writer or a photographer but I’ve found this to be an amazing creative outlet over the past few seasons.  I started out looking for a bit more of farm-fresh life style in the city and now I have been led down a path to my own country kitchen where I am lucky enough to cook and create almost every single night.

I’m hoping you’ll the seasonal recipes that I dream up or find inspiring from other sources and that you’ll feel inspired to use more fresh and local ingredients when you cook. I challenge myself to create menus based around the farm fresh produce (and now meat!) inside my CSA bushel every week each year from June to November with the help of a local New Jersey Farm – Stony Hill Farm.

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